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  University of California, Irvine
University of California, Irvine

November 22, 2003
University of California, Irvine

Welcome to the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR), hosted this year by the University of California, Irvine, on Saturday, November 22, 2003!

SCCUR spotlights multidisciplinary faculty-mentored undergraduate research or creative achievement from many types of institutions in the Southern California region and fosters appreciation and the important role these activities play as an integral component of undergraduate education.

Through its annual conference, SCCUR celebrates the research, scholarship, and creative activities carried out by undergraduate students. Students in all disciplines—the arts, humanities, sciences, and engineering—present their faculty-mentored projects to audiences of peers, faculty and administrators through performance, oral and poster presentations, or displays.

SCCUR 2005 will be held at UC Riverside.


Images of SCCUR 2003                        

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We hope you have enjoyed the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research, which was held on November 22, 2003 at the University of California, Irvine. We invite your feedback on what you enjoyed the most and suggestions for improvement, by clicking here.



SCCUR 2003 will feature 406 faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects that involve 515 students (unduplicated) mentored by 363 faculty mentors (unduplicated) from 90 institutions. As of Wednesday, November 12th, we have close to 1000 students, faculty, and administrators who have registered. To view list of participants and presentations by institution, please click here.


Present at SCCUR         

Undergraduate students who wish to present their faculty-mentored research or scholarly/creative activity at SCCUR must complete the Presentation & Abstract Submission Form. Completion of this form is due no later than Monday, October 13, 2003.

Consult these links for more in-depth information and specific guidelines:

Presentation & Abstract Submission Process & Guidelines
   -- explains the process of the presentation & abstract submission including oral and poster presentation formats and special submission requirements for the arts

Abstract Guidelines
   -- explains the requirements of an abstract and how to write one

Presentation Guidelines
   -- explains how to develop and prepare a poster or oral presentation


Register for SCCUR            

The Registration Form for SCCUR should be completed by Monday, November 3, 2003 for early registration. Regular registration closes on Friday, November 14, 2003.


Important Dates           

Monday, October 13, 2003
Abstract Submission
Friday, October 24, 2003
Notification of Acceptance
Monday, November 3, 2003
Last Day for Early Registration Discount
Friday, November 14, 2003
Registration Deadline
Friday, November 14, 2003
Deadline for Cancellation


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