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Welcome to the Presentation & Abstract Submission Page for SCCUR 2003!
November 22, 2003
University of California, Irvine

Undergraduate students who wish to present their faculty-mentored research or scholarly/creative activity at SCCUR must complete the Presentation & Abstract Submission Form. Completion of this form is due no later than Monday, October 13, 2003.

Here is outline of the information requested on the form:

  • On the form, submitters will indicate the number of student presenters and the number of faculty mentors associated with their particular project and presentation. Submitters will also be asked to provide information on themselves, their mentor(s), and other undergraduate presenters, if applicable. This includes identifying whether presenters and faculty mentors are high school students or mentors, community college students or mentors, four-year college or university students or mentors, or UC Irvine students or mentors. Please note that in the case of group presentations, only one submission per project is needed.

  • Next, student presenters will be asked to upload/attach an electronic version of their project’s abstract. They will also be asked to indicate whether their faculty mentor(s) have reviewed and approved the abstract. In the heading of the abstract, please include any additional undergraduate co-authors who are not presenting at SCCUR. For more details on how to prepare an abstract, please review the Abstract Guidelines.

  • Submitters will then be asked about the details of their presentation, including the title of the project/presentation, whether it’s an oral or poster presentation, the area of research for the project, and the equipment needed for the presentation.

A confirmation via e-mail will be sent to the student presenter(s) and faculty mentor(s) once the submission has been received. This confirmation will include a code that allows them to access and update the submission. The e-mail will also include a Website link with the code already embedded so they can easily access the submission. All edits will need to be completed by the deadline for submission, which is Monday, October 13, 2003.

To begin your submission process, click here for the
Presentation & Abstract Submission Form